Boring but Interesting to you!

Very easy to use and clean @Enlightenedbeing .

That’s awesome @anon54386108!

Super excited for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Ants. After making some videos and googling stuff on ants, blockchain, economies, politics, it’s all over my “feed” now. Makes me think manipulation or something, but ya I think ants are cool/awesome and stuff and how they are work. There’s probably way more ants alive than humans and they’re weak and dumb, but how they function, work, and organize is awesome.

Weird I guess.

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I used to have ant farms as a kid. It’s now easier to order a Queen in the states now…or you just catch one in the spring.

Anyways, have you read up on how many times an ant’s body weight they can carry. I also find them extremely intelligent with a complex social structure. Imho.



Some people find my birding hobby to be boring until I tell them all the cool stuff I see and then it’s not so boring.



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