Boredom thread?

are you feeling bored now ?

i am ok… i just like talking

its better to invest your time in something else ?

I can’t sleep so yeah I’m bored

Boredom is not the problem, diplomacy is, I don’t like getting involved in politics, it stops me from sleeping, which is counter-intuitive, with all the thoughts in my head, to be really political would just get me locked up :frowning:

Thennnnnn why did you bring up politics… :thinking:

One of the things I do is play football, I was always last to be picked, probably because everyone thought I was a hacker, I admit that I’m a bit clumsy sometimes, going in too hard, maybe the kids at school were scared of me, a bit like snoop, how do you spell dog in Australian? I’ve read that it’s acceptable there.

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