Boredom is my new nemesis

the depression I was experiencing has lifted for the most part. now it’s been replaced with boredom when im not doing anything. days like today.

I don’t think I really have a cure for boredom, I try to stay busy, but some days I can’t bring myself to be very productive.

my morning are usually pretty good. and my day is ok until about 3pm. after that it gets a little dicey as I don’t have much more to do. just eat and clean mostly and water the plants. it’s the worst at night, so I’ve been trying to fall asleep earlier. lately I’ve been falling asleep about 11pm, an hour after it gets dark here.

I don’t really know what to do, I haven’t been watching tv now that basketball season is over. a lot of the time I will go over to mom and dad’s and just visit with them for awhile.


Too bad you’re a reds fan lol you’d still be watching mlb every day if you were a Yankees or dodgers fan

Can you play basketball??


I was bored too and set out to make as many online friends as i could. In about 3 months, i have 5 long term ones. I spend most of my days finding people to chat with.

It’s nice though, i finally have a reason to look at my phone in public. It also cured my boredom alot by posting all over the place on the internet.

Next step is actually going to club meetings and meeting people irl. Kinda scary imo haha

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haha yeah the reds suck. I have given up on them. they consider a .500% season a success.

I could maybe go to the rec center in the city and play ball. but I really don’t like to drive.

I used to be really good at basketball in high school. I was really quick and had an nba level handle. I could change directions at full speed and could finish with both hands. my mid range game was really good too. I didn’t take many 3’s back then. I think I was 3 for 5 from downtown my senior year. I only had range to about 21 foot.

I had an offer to play at d3 college in Cincinnati, mt st. joseph’s, which I turned down. and also a good d2 school was looking at me, northern Kentucky university who is now d1 and made the tournament the last 2 years. but they wanted more of a scoring guard and 3pt shooter and got someone else.

I was good enough to play d2 somewhere but not a d1 player. too short.

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I only became good when I was 18 years old a freshman at University of South Florida, I played my friend Kyle one on one every day for the whole semester. He was probably as good as you. D1 schools were recruiting him, he got a D2 offer but chose to go to regular college. I think he got injured or something. But I would play him every day and that’s when I got good at basketball. Before that I kind of sucked. But after that people really respected my game a lot

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I am the same way. My Zyprexa makes me function normally, so I am looking for a full-time job to get off disability. Without a job, I have a lot of empty hours to fill up I volunteer twice a week, but other than that, I do a lot of reading. I am running out of books to read though, will have to see if my library card still works!


Every evening and every weekend I must battle the urge to lie down and nap. Boredom is my nemesis too. My doctor just discontinued my Gabapentin, so that may help. I wasn’t always this way, so I have some hope I can return to previous functioning. I do work 4 days a week which helps.
My doctor was very sincere and asked me, “How can I help?” I realized it is up to me.

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I get bored frequently. This wasn’t a problem when I was delusional because the delusions and hallucinations kept me entertained constantly. Now it’s just lots of free time… I just try to find new things to do on the internet so I don’t get so bored.

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You’ve kept me entertained today! You’re a hoot!


You’ve spoke of being a Luthier in the past. Do you have any woodworking equipment? If not do you have a well known manual you can begin to study?

But I hear you. It’s difficult to stay focused on one thing for too long. Maybe it’s us sz/sza or maybe everyone. Idk.

Hopefully something will pique your interest soon.

Best wishes.


I don’t have much woodworking tools no. I would have to buy some, but I do have a barn I can turn into a workshop. it was just a thought. i’ll probably buy a guitar building book first and see what I need to own first. im sure I could find info with an internet search as well. I would like to start pretty soon, i’d probably do it in the evenings, like 7-10pm.

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