Boredom and Risperidone

I was just started on Risperidone 3 months ago and I’ve noticed that I am always so bored! Is this due to the medication? Can someone suggest some ways of coping with the intense boredom I am feeling everyday?


You could learn to play an instrument, or draw? Or really, anything that interests you. If the problem is that nothing is holding your interest, that could be from negative symptoms. They suck, but keep making yourself do things, and eventually you’ll start enjoying them again.


I know how you are feeling, when the drug blocks your dopamine receptors every interest and hobbie vanish, I spend my days doing nothing at all waiting the day I will run out of Invega Sustenna, all my old hobbies are dead, this emptiness is killing me.

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Watching cartoons and eating good food can help with this. Back when I was on the old risperidone thats what I did to pass time.

Find better medication

They’re all the same :sweat:

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People are bored becouse they feel good , go study somewhere or find job and marry someone

I’m on risperidone and I frankly feel dead.
I never feel joy and experience some pleasure when I’m eating junk food, but that’s it.