Boredom and emptiness

How do you get over it? I’m so heavily reliant on the internet and especially the various forums I go on. Yet there can be long periods when nothing post wise catches my attention and then the emptiness sets in.
My reaction to that to take to bed sooner rather than later as a means of blocking out a few hours.
Yesterday it was up 2-3 hours/in bed 2-3 hours.
It’s at times like this that the much aligned drop in would be a Godsend . Somewhere to be in the physical presence of others who have some understanding and empathy even if you don’t say much.

I felt bored yesterday - I craved some social interaction, so I was desperate enough to call my brother and my sister in law to see If my parents and I could visit.
He was not feeling well with a cold, so we did not go.

I do crave social interaction from time to time - I am glad I get to see my therapist once a week, this helps a bit


Kinda l(Y)Ke Looking Around Your Room and Noticing What You Have With You During Moments Of Emptiness ,

Noticing How Deep The Blue Sky is ,

But IN All Actuality It Could Seem Like Its Flat Above Us ,

With Little Horizon ,

I Am Bored Out Of My Mynde 95% Of Tha T(Y)me ,

I Try To Create Music , But Thaz My Own Nonsense ,

What Interests You ,

Jump In That Swimming Pool and Try To Fynde Tha Beauty In Thine Simplicity ,

Slow Down Your Day In A Nice Cool Good Way ,

You Will Fynde That Your Reality Isn’t As Boring With THAT Much Emptiness …

For me it’s the need sometimes for light interaction ie nothing too emotionally demanding or involving. That was what a drop in provided .

My therapist and family want me to go to a bipolar support group… but… I think that this would be too overwhelming for me emotionally.
I dont do too well around a big group of people

I wish I had a swimming pool I could go to for a few hours. They moved mine from near me to somewhere further out of town. I can’t get to it. Ditto the library which was near me and easy to get to. Moved outside of my comfort zone. Haven’t been there since it moved to the new location. Often used to spend a few hours in the reference section or browsing various magazines.

I was a heavy internet and gaming addict a while back.
hmm so now I’m just addicted to at the minute so what’s the difference?

I make a movie list of the latest things. Our library eventually gets them all and has a waiting list.
If you library is far, I think Netflix still mails DVDs.

You can play backgammon online and other simple games then there is light talk while playing simple games. I think Yahoo lets you game and light chat.

Sorry your library moved away. I hang there or just dash in to get holds when I don’t want to talk to anyone.
I don’t know your area but many provide services like mailing books or bookmobiles to get stuff closer to those that can’t get out if they’re in a wheel chair or something. Even if you’re mobile, you still should qualify.

Have you used skype? it can give more of a visiting people feeling if you like groups. I am too paranoid to use it with anyone but my son. But at one point I was talking to a guy from Scotland and other places that I though was so cool.

It’s hard to fill the void. Gotta find a balance between to much responsibility and being active. Also gotta know what you can handle.

Been filling my days with drinking lately. Not the most healthy activity but it is highly social.

I’m thinking I might hook up my dreamcast and play some crazy taxi once I move or something. Get that nostalgia flowing. Hello 1998.

Love will do a lot for you as well. If you have trouble thinking about yourself and your own life, it’s easier to care about someone else.

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Only with my dad and step mum and a lady from a small forum I used to post on(but the forum closed and we drifted apart). Haven’t used it for several years. Mostly it was my dad contacting me but we never had much to say to each other so I think he got fed up with it.

It took me 10 years of dating and I would have to MAKE myself get up and out, even to a church dance. So I had to force myself to be social but the alternative is being lonely and alone and I know that part too.

Then you can even make friends of the same sex and they can be fun too or at least have ideas and hobbies you would never even think of.

Yea I think drinking loosened me up a bit so I could talk to guys. But I was always careful not to be too loose. Its scary these days that someone would even THINK of putting something in your drink.

Yeah I don’t have to worry about getting rookies as a guy. Could imagine though that it’s not a fun thing to be afraid of.