Bored. Wish there was something fun to do

Right now I’m out at the bubble tea shop eating shaved ice. 3/4 of the day, I’m outside. I hate going out and having nothing to do besides eat. It’s really pretty outside but I’m too tired and it’s too hot to jog. Reading no longer interests me because not like it’ll change my life or anything. I wish there was more groups I could attend or there was something to do during all my free time.

Have you tried ?

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Do you volunteer @anon62973308?

I heard that there is a community center in Waikiki. I looked it up and they have painting classes and yoga classes that aren’t too expensive. I also texted a friend who used to volunteer a lot to see if she knows anything. Plus there is a self esteem support group today. I never went before but there is a first for everything.


All those ideas sound great @anon62973308

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