Bored but dont feel like doing anything

I know what you mean with the drinking. I was drinking 12 beers a day for 2 months straight. I checked myself into rehab and have been clean for 60 days now. I honestly feel more anxious than ever and still get paranoid once or twice a week. I sleep much better now though. And im able to function.

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Yeah. I just need someone who takes me seriously. I tell my current doctor the meds arent working and he just does nothing. Its like he doesnt know where to go


I’m glad you are doing better now.

Congratulations on being sober.

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Thanks! Its a good feeling to be able to say im sober. I have a craving to drink today though. Im fed up with feeling anxious i just want to numb myself with alcohol


But you can resist the urge to drink. I know you can. Hang in there!

Yeah I understand that.

I get anxiety after I take my latuda at dinner time.

I wouldn’t mind some medication to help me in the afternoon time.

I don’t have a psychiatrist only Gp and she doesn’t want to prescribe much.

My doctor prescribed vistaril for the afternoon hours. But it doesnt so much of anything for me. I told him that and he just didnt listen. I see him next week and will once again tell him my anxiety makes living hell for me. In hoping that he will provide me with some relief.

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Yeah. I just want to drink. I dont have too

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That’s right. You don’t have to.

But i would LIKE to do it. Just to escape reality. Which is nit a good reason to.


I actually get that. I used to be a drug addict. But I quit 25 years ago. I know it’s hard. But you can do it. You really can.

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Sometimes I don’t even feel depressed, but I feel like everything is dumb and there’s not a thing in the world I wanna do. I like to solve my Rubix cube and study Jiu-Jitsu, but that doesn’t fill a whole day. I can usually get myself to read the news and play videogames, but I’m bored a lot too.

Yeah. I make a list of things i can do but they all seem pointless when i look at the list. I think its just the negative symptoms of sz.