Border Collie

Border collie, border collie come in border collie? Do you read, border collie?

Click clack bang, click clack bang…bang, bang.
Click clack, click clack, click clack bang, bang, bang…holding up a freight train…

Bone dust??? Hmmmmm…
There will be bone dust!!! ******* there will be bone dust!!!

Monsters what talk? Monsters what walk the earth!
We will come with you
We will help you with this bringing down the cult of ecstasy!

Who are you?!?!
We’re the children of the revolution…
…paranoia, paranoia everybody’s coming to get me! Just say you never met me!

Border collie???

-----sorry just had to vent this stuff------


My dad had a Border Collie. They’re one of the smarter breeds of dogs.

it is good to vent…hope you are feeling better.
take care