Boom boom room - where anything is reality

@far_cry0 guessing you didn’t take that walk? hehe, anyways, I might finally make that boom boom room for way12go a reality… @MissMermaid gave me 6 very lucky numbers for the coming lottery hehehe - yes, am still trying to win that sh1t… Anyways - only permitted 3 posts on thread coz of new account, so made this thread


I walk in the evening…!!! Do u walk in the morning …!!!

for those who don’t know… the Boom Boom room is a fantasy us prisoners share from time to time … @far_cry0 and @anon93437440 also got a bed in that room :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

did you get a job though? or still living the indoor stress life?

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Tried about 3 jobs couldnt hold it for a time being…now i am indoor and stressed out .!!! What about u…??? Are u from calli …how old are u .??

am still busy dropping out of university semesters - am on year 4 now hahahaha… had to pay some indian to make me a fake transcript just to keep getting cash.
Man, am 24,764 years old… oldest player in the aion free to play online world, gotta always keep the light lovers at bay

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I am from Nepal dude…!!! Not indian…!!!

@far_cry0 do me a favor and watch it from start to end… haha, it talks about your origins as an Indian . The full show is on Netflix though

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Woke up the lion …what us ur previous user name …is this ur new account…

Dude nepal and india are two different country …plz do mind this…and dont frequently create other account

Take care my brother…!!!

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In the mid-18th century, Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkha king, set out to put together what would become present-day Nepal. He embarked on his mission by securing the neutrality of the bordering mountain kingdoms. After several bloody battles and sieges, notably the Battle of Kirtipur, he managed to conquer the Kathmandu Valley in 1769. A detailed account of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s victory was written by Father Giuseppe, an eyewitness to the war.
The Gorkha dominion reached its height when the North Indian territories of the Kumaon and Garhwal Kingdoms in the west to Sikkim in the east came under Nepal rule. At its maximum extent, Greater Nepal extended from the Teesta River in the east, to Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, across the Sutlej in the west as well as further south into the Terai plains and north of the Himalayas than at present.

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Nice collection of info… yes our skin complexion are fairer then indian…indian are black…and we are lil bit whiter…

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Yes paragen i forgot where do u live …!!!

me? I live in Buckingham Palace… the queen gave me a palatial room there, even went ahead and gave me an all access pass around the palace grounds.

sorry for the late reply… got banned again… seems you have friends in high places around here; they didn’t appreciate me insisting Nepal is just like India

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Hey buddy sup are u from uk…

Yea, was having a morning wake with the queen earlier today, great person… I even got to talk to the Algerian President, he was visiting.

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Whatz ur diagnosis buddy…!!!

Mine is a bit more complicated… but I think this song will explain it in a better context…

you see, I was actually made crazy intentionally… It’s something only the free masons would understand, or the seekers of the old European wisdom