Last week I held my second booksigning at the county library. This time the event was related to the library’s acknowledgement of Mental Illness Awareness week. They put up a window display and they included my book in that. I was very nervous. 1) that no one would show up and 2) that someone would show up.! When the clock hit 7::00 the room suddenly filled with people. And to my delight, after I read two portions from my book, there was a LOT of interaction. It turns out that everyone there was mentally ill and one couple had an 18 year old son diagnosed with SZA and they were at their wits’ end to know how to understand him and how to get him help. We talked about the county’s incredible lack of resources for the mentally ill. We talked about starting a NAMI chapter locally. People questioned me on my experiences. The time flew by and we ended at about 8:15.


Very impressive! What is your book called?

Congratulations! You are a credit to schizophrenics everywhere. It really helps when someone can get other people to understand what it is like to have sz.

that’s great! I am not able to do booksignings for my book since I went anonymous…anyways, you are so brave for being able to talk to a crowd !

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it’s called

Treasures from Darkness

thank you very much. That was my goal. I have an aunt who was a psych nurse and she read my book and said she so much wished she could have had that understanding that my book gave her years ago when she thought patients were just “acting out”

Really, I’m happy for you @locamotion - Keep up the Awesome work! :smile:

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