Booked in My next Psych Visit

So a sign of the times. They have basically canned waiting rooms over here so I’ve an appointment tuesday with my shrink. Rang them up yesterday and it’s skype or phone which I don’t mind at all. I have to catch a train in which is an hour in and out of the city. No way do I want to be on a train during this crisis so booked in a phone call for Tuesday. Everything is going well with my scaling down of effexor so hoping to get the ok to go down to 150mgs. A call it is.


I love this system of no waiting rooms. My next appointment is over Skype, and they’ll fax the prescription. Then I could get the prescription delivered if I wanted.

I’m probably going to be fully off of meds in 3 months by the time my appointment rolls around though, but it’s nice to have that option.

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I have an appointment next month. If they can’t do it by phone then I’m not going to it.


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