Book on Law of Attraction

I don’t by into that stuff, think we just live in a ugly worl, with to many thinking they are better than everyopne else and the pout and cause pain to others when they get shown up.


Yeah I am on the fence about it. It sounds too good to be true

Well she believes in that because she is a badass.

All characteristics of insecurity, amounting a power too it

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Maybe people with a positive attitude can deal with bad things better, but that is as far as I’d believe in it though.


I think you are right. It is all about perspective.

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sounds like a karma thing, i’m having a beer

Yeah it is a lot like Karma

I haven’t read the book, but I strongly agree with the concept. If anyone disagrees, then they don’t believe in the placebo effect.The closest people in my life are all optimists (as I am).

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yes i’m trying to be more optimistic, open to others, less paranoid or else i wont have customers and no one will buy my artwork… and to smile more that might be a law of attraction yeah?


I kinda believe in law of attraction - maybe because I am mentally ill. But during my years of growing up - I always had small pictures in my head of things I would do and become of the future. There has been some downfall with the illness but through the years I have achieved most that I have put my mind to. And things that I fancied to happen to me have happened to me too.

The funny thing is in my diary during the years 2009 - 2010 I had written some stuff that happened as is - in 2011 during my psychosis. Maybe it was only because I was psychotic and my thoughts were all over the place. Who knows?! Life is a mystery. The only thing I focus on right now - is being healthy, positive and stable. The rest will follow.

Honesty goes a long long way.

Moderators: @Rhubot @ninjastar @Moonbeam @anon9798425 - can we get this moved to Health and Recovery? Positive thinking is one of the techniques that features prominently in CBT (not to mention my own recovery) and shouldn’t be featured in this diseased forum category.

Positive thinking is an awesome recovery tool, but the law of attraction is still definitely an unusual belief. You’re welcome to start a separate thread about the power of positive thinking in health and recovery, if you want.

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Pretty much every sober AA member I know would disagree with you. We say:

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Keep surrounding yourself with the negative, that’s what you’ll have. Positive habits start with positive thinking.

I dunno. To me, it’s the difference between saying, “my positive life changes are leading to a better life,” and “I have good things because I wished for them real hard.” It reminds me of my friend in school who told me everyone I loved would stop dying if I prayed more. Sometimes, all the positive thinking in the world can’t prevent tragedies, and the law of attraction has a side effect of making victims of such tragedies feel like it’s all their fault.

Positive thinking (optimism) doesn’t mean that a tragedy can be prevented, so there is no side effect of being at fault. Optimism simply improves your chances of accomplishing your goal.

Preparedness improves your chances of surviving a tragedy. (Saving money, having a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, etc.) Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, etc.

I agree that that’s true of positive thinking, but the law of attraction is something totally different. It belongs in unusual beliefs. Positive thinking is wonderful, and the law of attraction is crazy talk.


@kindness @velociraptor here, you can have your health and recovery thread right here.

Optimism and positive life changes


Newton wrote a book about the Law of Attraction: