Boogie night tonight

hi, i looked up the internet last week and found a meet up group that i am going to tonight

it is a boogie night and i am hoping to meet some cool people up for a laugh

i havent got any symptoms now and i have been wearing my glasses so my eyes havent been bothering me as much, also (i thought i might need some little blue pills) but apparently you need a prescription for them and the doctors were closed today :frowning: lol so if i do get any action it probably wont be very good lol but i will try to explain how i tried to get those little blue pills haha.

It sounds like you are in for a fun night. I hope you can get your groove on.

it didnt work out, i ended up just coming home, oh well at least i tried lol

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Exactly. You never know if you don’t go. Good for trying.

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