Bomb shells dropped

did you ever have a bomb shell dropped on you?

and did you ever drop a bomb shell on someone?

No bombs here, peace and love man!

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i got a 12 inch scar on my neck from me dropping a bomb shell… long story

i even dropped a bomb shell on myself the trigger of my psychosis in 2000

I have never been violent if that’s what you’re hinting at. I find it horrifying that you always bring up that scar on your neck. I wish you wouldn’t talk about it. I have a friend that was attacked in a foreign country and he had his throat cut but lived to tell about it. If you were in some kind of a knife fight please say what happened at least so I know you weren’t to blame for the scar.

@jukebox i was too blame,simply because i was lost…god knows the truth

I once had a very toxic girlfriend… she was a bombshell…

Everything she did and said was a bombshell.

She told me I got her pregnant… she hit me up for money for the coming baby… then told me she got an abortion…

Only for me to find out much later… she never was pregnant… she used the money for drugs.