Bold text problem

When highlighting an area of text and clicking the bold icon it fails to put the text in bold.

Let me try this:

Bold Text

Regular Text

Italicized Text

Did it work?

Seems fine to me.

What web browser are you using? Have you tried Google Chrome? Have you updated your web browser recently, or done something else?

Anything changed on your computer?

I am using the latest version of firefox. No changes on my computer. It was a large body of text as opposed to just 2 words.
Will try again with a random body of text.

Antipsychotics are mainly licensed for use in psychotic illnesses, although in certain cases they are recommended and can be used ‘off-license’ for other conditions. However, we know that antipsychotics are associated with a number of adverse effects, including metabolic, endocrine and cardiovascular changes (BNF, 2014). There is also evidence of increased mortality for typical and atypical antipsychotics, particularly in those with dementia (Schneider et al, 2005; Gill et al, 2005; Trifiro et al, 2007). In light of this, prescribers must include a large dose of caution with their script and ensure they are adhering to UK guidelines.

Just seen in preview that worked . The instance I was talking about involved 2 paragraphs of text,perhaps that was the difference?

Now will try with the 2 paragraph text.

**Results Exercise interventions had no significant effect on body mass index, but can improve physical fitness and other cardiometabolic risk factors. Psychiatric symptoms were significantly reduced by interventions using around 90 min of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per week (standardized mean difference: 0.72, 95% confidence interval −1.14 to −0.29). This amount of exercise was also reported to significantly improve functioning, co-morbid disorders and neurocognition.

Conclusions Interventions that implement a sufficient dose of exercise, in supervised or group settings, can be feasible and effective interventions for schizophrenia.**

As you can see then bold doesn’t work.

I think this is by design. Bold - by definition is focused on highlighting some segment of text. If you highlight the entire text - that is multiple paragraphs - you are sort of defeating the purpose. If its all bold - then you aren’t highlighting anything - at least thats what I think the designers are saying.

So - Bold only works on a single paragraph of text.

Just keep that in mind and you’ll be fine.