Boinking strangers

is better. is hotter. is more exciting, makes you feel alive.


I imagined you walking up to a stranger and saying “boink” as you gently patted them on the head… I now know that’s not at all what you meant.


I don’t know what is meant by that.

He means have sex with strangers.

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Not on invega sustenna

I love the word Boink!

It so describes a certain act and I like strange terms.

It’s all good in love and war until someone gets feelings or an std!

Other than that more power to you!

It’s all I have ever done. Never had a proper relationship :-/ Seems to be eluding me.

I couldn’t do it. I would hate feeling used.

I have the demons for that

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It doesn’t do it for me.

I was a slu# but I was steered by others etc

I was raped sometimes too.

I rather be celibate.

My boyfriends parents put invisible cuffs on me and I will never forgive them for it.
Powercrazed religious fanatics thinking they are superior to me.

A drink driver thinking is aloud to boss me around…

I miss my loved ones.

I need a hero to take the cuffs off and free me.

Or help me get them of myself .

How dare they.

Everyone treats me like I’m the lowest of low and they are so superior me and I do not agree with them.

I miss laughing with others.

I miss having friends I can laugh with.

At a bbq my spirit was socialising with a brown eyed man and our eyes met and clicked.he had same humour as me n felt so close to me.

My bf n I do not have same sense of humour n have never really laughed together in two years but we are nice to each other n take care of each other.

Do they think I am their slave …

I am not their slave in cuffs n restraint.
I will never forgive them.

I was called a ugly whore but I never got money for sex but was too easy for anyone.
It’s so disgusting.

Anders.i apologise to.

I was celibate for five years.
Much better in my opinion.

Invisible cuffs to humiliate me .

Take them off please.

You guys can you show me how to take invisible cuffs off that powercrazed bad people put on me.

Please take them off.

Please help me.

I will never forgive them.

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I forgive.

Sorry for my rant.

Good wishes to you

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