Bogus Exercises Thread

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Jogging for me is a bogus exercise.

It used to make me feel really good and huge endorphins rush. It was effortless.

Now because I can only jog seriously slow with huge effort, the endorphin rush is absolutely disappointing in comparison and therefore depressing.

That’s why I’m resorting to pilates instead

I’ve always wanted to be able to run.


twist wrist up then down. Grab handle pull up then pour coffee into mug.
“The Morning Java Ritual…” Best-est exercise yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry to hear that @ozymandias.

I hope you’ve got other physical activities that at least sort of make up for it.

I also wish I could run.

What people do call running, for me, is a painfully slow jog that just isn’t worth it when being reminded of how I used to run. :running_woman:

I like walking.



Walking is definitely good for you. Especially when it’s a fast speed and long distance.

puts ketchup on ozynandias’ right ankle, takes juicy bite

I go as fast as I’m able.


Glad you’re still here with us even with your heart issues. Im asuming walking and exercise is good for your condition?

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I never get tired of walking

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