Body's 'Signals' May Feel Different in People With Anorexia, Depression, Schizophrenia

Compared to the control group, they found that in patients with bipolar disorder, anxiety, major depression, anorexia and schizophrenia, a brain region known as the dorsal mid-insula had different activity when processing pain, hunger and other physical signals.


I have or have had almost all of those :sweat_smile:
My interoception is out of whack.
Sometimes I’m too sensitive to my body’s signal, fixating on every weird pain or every hint of a need that needs taken care of.
Often, though, I don’t really notice body sensations like hunger, bathroom needs, tiredness, etc, before it’s becoming urgent.

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The preoccupation of one’s mind /emotion with internal bilateral dialogue with the spiritual interlocutor (s) (the hallucination ) consumes a quantity of kinetic energy much higher than the impact energy of any interpretations secreted from brain regions related to any sensory inputs (internal bod’s signals/ external environmental )

During the time period of internal dialogue,coexistence with the moving imaginations and malicious feelings
An automatic shutdown is occurs to all neural pathways that carry interpretations of brain regions related each sensory input whether it is originating from the body parts or from the external world

thus, there is no physical / actual effect of the sensory input has appears on the Present Mind (the conscious perception ),as if the sensory input ,whether it is a word audible by ears or something visible to the naked eyes,did not occur or exist in reality

the pressure effect of neurotransmitter energy ,which carries the brain’s interpretation signals IS NEVER ENOUGH to disposal the effect that induced by the internal voice messages that are exchanged between the spiritual emitter and the one’s mind

so that the person coexists with the internal dialogues (what is happens inside himself,mind and emotion) and losses the ability to deal with the self-thoughts inputs ,body inputs,and the external environmental effects

My body language is slower and less alive since having sz. Maybe its also the meds.

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