Body movements

It really pisses me off when I think people are making undercover signs with their hands or bodies about me to each other

Gets on my tits…

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Come on walla. You need your meds

Or rather than mind numbing drugs, try some coping method from DBT like “Check The Facts.”

This is just a very brief part of this DBT skill, we spent a month on this skill set alone in group therapy DBT classes when I was a teenager…

I get that with nodding and shaking of the head from people talking to me
so basically I would be thinking something and then whilst im thinking something the person that is talking to me would conicidentally nod or shake their head at the same time as that thought crosses my mind, as if to agree or disagree with it, which feels like some form of communication to me, but wth how could that be I don’t know, it’s me making it up in my head out of boredom to mean something appears to be the sensible reason for that.


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