(*)(*)(^) - Body Language and it Being ALL Lies - (^)(*)(*)

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Tha Medicine is in Charge of tha Thotless Movement of Your PERSONAL Bodie … ,

Trie to Count Your Blinking & Add in Your Breathing Within Your Favorite Math Usage & Foundation … ,

DO NAUGHT WORRI About What You Think Will Never End … ,

More Creativity ,

More Individuality ,

More Daydreaming (notthaposterhere) … ,


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I think a lot of us are too self conscious about our body language. I know I am.

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It seems my body language sucks or so I’ve been told in less coarse terms. Never have known how to adjust it especially as physical mannerisms etc seem, to me, to be automatic reflex actions ie not things where you consciously say I’ll respond in X way.

I do that when I’m nervous or thinking about what I’m about to say.

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Yeah, I would definitely be nervous and thinking about what to say if I were about to lie. I probably touch my nose when I am about to lie.

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Unless it’s touching your nose with a middle finger or touching your nose while doing a one shoulder shrug. Odds are that people are going to send a cascade of signals your way when they are being deceptive.

Lips lie, bodies don’t. I’ll go with body language every single time.

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Remember thus … ,

Clarity Can Reach Those Goals … ,

CLARITY /\ Strength /\ & /\ TRUTH … ,

Good Luck (!!!)

() Side Note (Part 2) ()


1.) Live Within TRUTH

2.) Strength Will Follow

3.) Which Will Equal CLARITY

4.) Which Will Become PEACE (!!!)

What’s Your Favorite SonggG (???)

Love this one

() Side Note (Part 3) ()


Trie thus Out and See how You Feel (by) thee End of tha Dai … ,


1.) Common Sense - Truth in Which You Already Are Aware of Since Long Ago.

2.) Simplicity - Being Proud of What You Earned , Fighting tha Good Fight.

3.) Clarity - During Either, Rain Sleet (OR) Snow , , , You Can STILL See tha Sun.

(TBC) - (Someday) - (TBC)

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() Side Etching Part1 ()


1.) Slow Down , Work on Clarity as Your Daily Goal … , Without Pushing Your Senses Past their Limits … , and if Such Occurs , , , Realize that Once You Reach Clarity , You Won’t Be Offended (OR) Left Lost Within a Wilderness of and (OR) Indifference , , You may Fynde Peace in and of itself to be Tough to Understand and (OR) Jus Feel … , but With Clarity as Your Goal , , , You may Fynde tha Negative “delusions” (OR) Dreams & Fantasies of Meaningless Self Satisfaction , Something to Live Without … , Which Does Naught Mean Forget All that You Breathe For , , , it Jus Means , that You Realize You ARE Breathing and tha Complete Chaos of a Quiet Purposeful Life Will Be Perhaps a New Fun Goal to Achieve , , , With Clarity as Your New “weapon” of Choice You May Begin to Cycle Within a Reality that Won’t Continue to Frighten You , , , Which Blinds Your Self Reflection and any Way that Can Ease Your Reality into Safety , Truth and PEACE … ,