Bodily fluid alteration

I changed the color of my body fluid

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The possibilities are what I’m hoping to play around with

which body fluid… and to what color did you change it…

Jizz to grey qqqqqq

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I knew I shouldn’t have asked…lol


Probably though nobody wants to hear about my hemrhoids or my bunion

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Oh do go on about your chunky, lumpy oh dear is it greenish grey dripping nasties most people simply wipe up and flush.

Do bunions ooze?

Wait, and how anout when you get a head cold and you blow a chunk of that fruit cocktail grape out the back of yer throat that resembles those things on the BBQ alled oysters…

Where’d ya’ all go?


I cured the little red veins all over my tired feet. They were all over the place and very, very noticeable and I cured them. Gone. That was way back when I first got sick (June 2015). I had those impossible veins for years, I tell ya! Used make-up to cover them and bam, waved a (mental) wand and gone. No shyt. It’s really weird. (and cool)

But that’s not near as impressive as jizz, I know…

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