Bloodwork and Urine

I went to have my blood and urine tested(on my own, none of my prescribers pushed for this) to see what’s what after many years, I’ve even specifically asked to check my testosterone to see how bad things have gotten with APs and sleep issues. Particularly in the last year I have been on a self-prescribed diet, and lost around 50 lbs, and on a new antipsychotic(Latuda). I am both curious and a bit apprehensive about the results, which are coming in monday, hopefully everything is within a healthy range, although that would actually surprise me. I’ll keep you posted.

If you’ve had any weird turns(or not) in your analysis due to diet or antipsychotics do feel free to let me know so that I know what to expect.


I get bloodwork every few months.

The time before last, the doctor had one of my tests being an HIV/AIDS test.

When I went into to do blood draw the person doing it told me that it would cost me 800 dollars for that test and insurance wouldn’t cover it! I was fortunate that I was warned. Totally unnecessary test for someone that does not have sex at all anymore and doesnt do illegal drugs and share needles or such things.

You are in a different country than me but maybe be aware of what tests they are doing and what you may be charged.


I only had to pay around 50 bucks, it wasn’t nothing but it was more than acceptable. I was a bit worried but not even a lot, on the high end it wouldn’t have costed more than 200, healthcare is pretty cheap in Italy, somewhere it gets even cheaper. 800 for an HIV test is pure madness.

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I did hiv testing before, i thought my gf gave me hiv. Also thought she poisoned me and her brother is trying to kill me


I just got my blood drawn for yearly lab. Reminds me to call my caseworker tomorrow.

Ok, reports are in, nobody with any know-how has looked at the results yet but from what I could gather everything seems relatively okay, something a bit off but nothing overly worrying to my untrained eye. My testosterone is on the lower end but still within an healthy range, I was afraid it would have been even lower, I’m at 469 ng/dl which is underwhelming but par for the course considering the APs and sleep patterns. I’ll probably want to check it again in my forties to see if it dropped further with age though, for now at least no intervention is needed.


Thats good for you that results are fine.