Blood tests

I had some blood tests back today my thyroid is over active, my sugar levels are borderline and my folic acid is low. Anyone had these? I take olanzapine and sertraline could these cause this? I have also been using cannabis quite regularly and stimulants some times, could these be doing it?

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I’d suspend the use of street drugs and the pot. Stimulants aren’t so good for the body and can bring about their own psychosis. Just getting healthy and doing some exercise can help with your sugar and it’s generally a good thing all round for your health.

If you can do some decent time eating well and exercising a bit you should find some better results for your blood but it’s always something to discuss with your regular gp.


Unfortunately my negative symptoms and sleep problems obstruct my exercise plans so I don’t train as much as i’d like. I think ill try cutting down on the non prescribed drugs but i really like taking them so probable won’t stop completely. interestingly the only substance that has given me psychosis is alcohol I wonder if others have found this?

what food types contain folic acid? my GP has prescribed supplement but it would be good to know what to eat in the future.

I think the hunger caused by the olanzapine hence eating is a factor in the sugar levels. I’m seeing my psychiatrist soon so might ask about a reduction.

Stimulants are probably the cause.

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My psychiatrist thinks it is the olanzapine that is causing my sugar problem. Has anyone had this with olazapine? is my sugar level likely to go back to normal if i stop taking the olanzapine?

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