Blood test today

I hope there’s a clear display of where I’m supposed to sit and wait. I prefer things properly signposted and get anxious if they’re not.


I get very anxious when I’m in a new environment. Especially one that is formal, like a bank or Dr. office. I had a panic attack when I went and saw my family doc once. I was a blubbering idiot, like an adolescent response to a panic attack. But hey they’ve seen me worse there :smile: Do you have family or someone that could go with you? That helps me out until I get comfortable enough to go by myself.

I sure like when there are signs to tell you what to do when you come into a place. The fewer words the better, and bonus if there are pictures too.

The funny thing is it’s in a new environment for the blood test but not a new environment completely as it’s my doctor’s surgery. However I’ve only been there to see someone twice in the last 8 years and the last time was accompanied by support workers. I’ve actually developed quite a phobia about the place and avoid it if I can.
Once I know where to sit and wait I will be ok for the next time.

Yeah developing a phobia for the place make sense. You haven’t been there often, and the last time may have been traumatic. But, you’ll be fine. Just remember its no biggie in the scheme of things. Good luck! And check for signs :smile:

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Panic over. Mild hyperventilation (anxiety induced) on the way there that meant I had to stop and get my breath for a few minutes, but when I got there the blood test area was clearly signposted.


Glad its over for you @firemonkey - I get very anxious going to new or slightly familiar places - I dont do well in doctors offices, hospitals, etc… My anxiety I feel is my biggest issue right now - it can manifest itself into mild psychosis

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@firemonkey. I’m glad it went OK for you. I’m glad they marked everything out.

It really does help to know you’re in the right place.

I’ve been getting really anxious about being in the right place… I’m always thinking my dyslexia kicked in or I miss some important information.

Anxiety… stress… and glitches are a traveling trio for me. They always come with each other.

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Mine is mainly chronic at the moment . When the anxiety/stress is acute that’s when things start to really unravel. A change of living environment could easily do that.

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