Blood sugar when sleeping

I ate some popcorn and an apple this afternoon, and immediately went to bed. After four hours I woke up, and my blood sugar was 152. An hour later it was down to 125.

Does sleeping not cause your blood sugar to go down? The 152 would be what I would expect an hour after eating, not four hours.

It’s down to 110 now. It’s like my body wasn’t processing sugar when I was asleep.

I ate some chocolate and popcorn, my sugar levels are probably through the roof!

My blood sugar levels are usually pretty high at night.

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Thanks @Wave . I think I’m going to wait two or three hours after eating before going to bed.

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My blood sugar is always lowest in the morning when I haven’t eaten anything all night so I would think that blood sugars do go down while you sleep. Maybe not as fast as when you are awake though. I don’t know for sure.


Thanks. I guess I’m going to have to ask a doctor. Maybe next Thursday in Dr Cooper’s group therapy.

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