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Hi I need a blog template that cannot be hacked and altered so easily…Is there something like that…like a standard blog with news updates

is that a threat

My Dad talked to me a couple months back about the current events topic Quantum Supremacy… if my memory serves it was a breakthrough from Google.

It was a “thought experiment” type of conversation… but the coolest part is that passwords may be pointless in the future; because the breakthrough deals with encryption.

Who exactly are we hiding from? Why do we care that much? Are we all criminals? Things like that came up.

He’s also fond of saying “The Future is Coming”. I think I felt it on a level before this talk. In a way its exciting because I think we can do good works and never need to mention them? That’s sort of my takeaway.


16:21 here in London…

TYhere was snow today at 11/2, last year it was 31/1 30/1 24/12 and 25/12


e= time m date c2 som number in this post
d last years date


1621=2128/5536 0.38

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