Blog/photo albums

Are there personal blogs or photo albums available on our personal profiles? I use my phone only and the mobile site isn’t always so friendly…

I Have A Google+ Page With Music , Photos and Other Coolio Shazz ,

If You Would Lyke , I Could Letcha Know How To Fynde It (???)

Cool. I’d like that

Awesome ,

Search In Google and Search sleepoptimistic Google+ ,

and You Have A Google + Account Feel Free To Add Me ,

and You Could Join Tha Art School Yo (!!!) ,

I Gotta Few Lessons ,


Muchos Del Grande Music I Shared ,

I Would Post A Lynk here But For Whatevah Reason I Was Told It Didn’t Work …

I think I do have a google+ account, but I don’t know how to work it. I’ll be on a mission to figure it out and add you :slight_smile:

Once You Jump in and Get Tha Hang Of It ,

You Will Be Posting All Kinds Of Cool Shazz ,

Thanks in Advance (!!!)

: )

Post that ■■■■ bro!

N E Hoo ,

My name Is sleepoptimistic ,

Nyse To Meetcha odiledecaray (!!!)

Shoo, I’m messing around with Google + and it’s like, wha?

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I think I added you?


Fo Reel Tho ,

Boomshakalaka (!!!)

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Dang, instagram is so much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

Instagram: poppyetpear

My photography work, here:

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Those are nice. I like the water reflection.

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Thanks :smile: