Blocking ability to feel present

Does anyone think their meds are blocking or buffering their ability to be totallt present to reality?


Fluanxol did that to me. I was in a haze.

A few of my meds did that to me. Geodon even did, when I was on a higher dose. Now that I’m only on 80 mg, I feel present again.

No wonder, I took Fluanxol depot and am experiencing derealization.

I think I have it… clozepine -.-

Yes, constantly, with all meds. Even just an antidepressant. People around me notice it, even in small doses. When I was on a larger dose friends were even sad to see me being so absent and I hated it too. Now i am off meds everyone is commenting…“your eyes look so much clearer” etc…and I am much more aware and present.

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Yes all the times I feel unimportant and just dust in the wind with them

Fluanxol has the opposite effect on me. It gives me clarity of thought.

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Good for you. It is an anti-depressant.

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