Blocked nose

has anyone here constantly got a blocked nose?

i think it is a side effect of my med and i think it is very common.

so i hjave been using sinex nasal spray and it has really helped my breathing

i had forgot what it was like to breathe through my nose and i feel so much better now

breathing through the mouth all the time cant be good for us.

My nose gets stopped up by things like certain foods, mouthwashes, cigarettes, candles and other scented things.

I heard that those nasal sprays can be addictive. You get to where if you don’t use them THAT makes your nose stopped up, And so on…

When my nose gets stopped up, I take Sudafed (sp) I take it before I go to bed so I can breathe.

Have you ever heard of a deviated septum? It can make it hard to breathe through your nose. It can be corrected by surgery but people have told me that the recovery from the surgery is very painful.

If it tends to happen primarily at night - it might be due to dust in your pillow, or allergy related to a feather pillow:

My husband had to get a nasal spray that he uses every day. He works outside so is exposed to a lot of allergens.

I’m right there with the spry due to always being outside for my job. It’s never bad in winter or sumer. Spring… pollen. Fall… Leaf Molds.

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Most over the counter nasal sprays should not be used for more than 7 days. They can actually cause a condition called “rebound congestion,” where the nasal spray has the opposite effect and actually CAUSES more congestion.

Have you tried Breathe Right strips? They’re a non-medicinal treatment that opens your nasal passages over 30% more than decongestants.

Also, if allergies are a chronic problem, talk to your doctor about a corticosteroid nasal spray, like Nasonex. I have chronic allergies and it’s worked wonders for me. It’s especially helpful at night, when I need to breathe well to get a good nights sleep.

I hope you find some relief!




idk what the problem is, i just always blamed it on my med

thanks for the advice those nasal strips sound good

thanks admin for the heads up, i keep clean pillows on my bad and they are cotton so its hard to pindown exactly what it is