Bloating 🍰

Small portions of food prevent bloating?

Yes I find portion control helps

Gluten and dairy free diet can help.

Some foods tend to make you bloat more.

I drink so much carbonation I’m amazed I don’t float off into space. Switching to tea or water would probably help, but I don’t think I have the willpower.

I can’t think of anything that makes me feel bloated other than soda.

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Small portions can help, so can drinking enough water so you don’t retain. I find that if I am thirsty, my body bloats because it’s trying to hold on to the water it already has. Maybe it’s just me.

@agent101g I gave up pop when I started Zyprexa in mid-March as part of my efforts to control my weight. I didn’t have a hard time switching to water and iced tea. You can do it! My belly has gone way down since I stopped drinking ginger ale.

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I could do that, but I’ll need a good filter pitcher that isn’t too expensive. I refuse to drink tap water, I gotta get a way to filter it. Any recommendations?


I think the one I’m thinking about is PUR. I can’t remember if it’s a tap water filter, or a pitcher filter.

We have a PUR filter that is connected to the regular tap. When we want to filter the water, we just flip a switch on it and the water gets redirected to the filter.

You can also get a Brita pitcher that has a filter built into it. We used to do that before we got the PUR.

I know it’s hard in the beginning to get off pop, but now I don’t even miss it.

Yes, a BRITA pitcher. I’ve had one. It works.

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