Blister Packaging Medication Increases Treatment Adherence in Psychiatric Patients


For some reason it showed me full details in preview but only the link when posted.

Glitch in system?

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My psychiatrist just recommended bubble.packing my meds next refill

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This is a very good article. I think people with MI are distracted by all that is required us with the extra regular trips to a clinic, meditation, hobbies to keep going etc.

The blister packs allow people to see exactly when and quickly when a refill is needed.

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Huh. Bizzarre !

I believe it.

It’s easy to see if you took your dose.
Packages can even be imprinted with the day of the week. (Like birth control pills.)
It also reduces overdose (other studies support this)

I bet people are more likely to continue when refills are automatic as well.

I don’t know why it’s so damn hard for me to make a phone call, but I appreciate my pharmacy’s auto refill service. When I have to call them I always miss a few days working myself up to caling them. I should probably just download their app. Procrastination. Another one of my destructive hobbies.

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