Blew only one job interview

It was for a position at a library. I was late. That’s it - but that was enough.
I called the woman who was going to interview me but I got an intern or something and they said they would have the woman call me. She never called and I called several times after that but I couldn’t reach her. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Usually when I get an interview I get the job. For some reason I’m really good in job interviews.


You’re looking for a new job?
I thought you already have a job.

No, I still have my job, I was talking about the past.


I get jobs easily because i’m friendly and understand things well enough.

Mind you it’s been fifteen years or so since I’ve worked officially. I did a lot of volunteer work for the cricket club but it’s funny. I’ve left 5 jobs and I’ve only had about 9 and 5 of those jobs I’ve left went under in a couple of years after I left…I am the achilles heal for business if you hire me! And that is a true story!

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I think it’s cos u got a good job personality.

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I typically have gotten jobs after interviews. Can only think of one where i didn’t, because the employer said his wife wouldn’t let him hire a woman.

I’m always interested on your job posts. You’re a real inspiration with how long you have worked and supported yourself.

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That’s a good stat. I’ve failed several job interviews but I’ve never been unemployed more than 1 month (excluding disability).

I was still surprised that I now got a Government job with loads of competition after all this years on disability, but they have diversity stats so it helps that my disability is officially recognized. However, I can only start in October because I need accommodations.

I currently have too much time on my hands and since I talk less to my voices I’m more easily bored. Luckily there’s this forum.

Once again, congratulations on only failing 1 job interview. I’ve lost count of mine.

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