Blew a chance

I went food shopping early this morning. I didn’t get a lot but I found some great deals at Safeway. Tuna was on sale for 50 cents a can but I had to buy 24 to get the deal. It’s worth it. I bought some vegetables too, and a few other things.

The store is ten minutes from my apartment. Some of you know I’m having trouble with a neighbor. Well, I walked out of the store to my car and on my way out I saw some guy standing about 15 feet away. I glanced over once and then I kept walking but I glanced again and it was the neighbor.
I’ve felt hatred and dislike towards the guy but maybe because I was tired or maybe I was still feeling the effects of all the crack, heroin, and pot I used 29 years ago or maybe my resperidone temporarily stopped working but I didn’t glare at him and in fact after a couple of seconds of looking at each other we both greeted each other.

And he said something semi-friendly and I answered back somewhat friendly and he walked over and we just started talking.

We just made some small talk and I had gone to his door a couple of nights ago at 12:00 am to ask him to leave me alone and we had settled our difference somewhat and so when he asked me for a ride home I said sure why not. And we talked and he was really friendly and we discussed people in the complex and other things and he told me to come up anytime.

I was relieved and he went upstairs to his apartment and I brought my groceries in and got something to drink and I got online and was surfing the web. About 15 minutes ago I must of bugged him because directly above me I heard an extremely loud, violent thump on my ceiling. I just thought, WTH? And I sat there thinking and then I got mad which was a stupid mistake. I think he sensed it and he started laughing because we has just got along 15 minutes before and so he thumped again. Crap. I think all that good will went down the drain. I might have to wait another six months to get along.

It could be another 6 months before we get along again. Crap.

I think he was just nice to you to get a ride home.

Possibly. Maybe.

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Why do you think the loud thumping has anything to do with you?

I’ve had ceiling-thumpy neighbors before, but I’m pretty sure they were just either thoughtless or clueless, possibly both. They’re behavior affected me, and it was irritating, but it had nothing to do with me personally.


Yeah, I grew up in apartments and I know you just have tune out loud or annoying neighbors. I did it all through high school. Can I blame it on my schizophrenia?

It’s just as well, 10 minutes later I walked past my door and the neighbor lady came over and warned me the guy is drunk. It’s just as well because as a recovering addict I don’t go in bars, I don’t go where drugs are and I don’t hang around anyone who drinks or does drugs.


People places and things right?

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Sorry your going through this matey. He used you. I think people get their rocks off messing with the mentally ill. Theother option is we are not mentally ill. I prefer the first.

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Right on……………

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I think he’s just a loud and obnoxious neighbor.robably has no clue how loud he is. When I lived above some people has no idea how loud we sounded to them. They asked what we were doing one day when we talked, turned out to them we sounded like elephants tromping around.

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I hear people on the internet joking about how loud their neighbors are all the time. You have no reason to relate the two and it seem highly illogical that someone would think that means something. Maybe a paranoia thing? I know that neighbors are a common delusion group for some people.

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