Blegh, just blegh

I wanna go home and curl up. But I’m at work for another 7 hours, only been here 3. Then after work I promised my friend I’d help her move.

I dont wanna deal with people. I feel like I can’t do anything right.

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Is it such a bad thing to be curious about my own body and to know what it does? Is it so bad to watch my eye color as it does vary greatly depending on the day? I just think they’re neat. One of the only things that I can say I actually like about myself.

Im tired. Id like to take a very very very long nap. Maybe for a couple years.

Calm down about the eye thing.

I’m mostly annoyed with my own husband and his hazel eyes.

Do you work with people or is here anything you enjoy about your job?

I would focus on something I like for a while then hit the harder stuff.

With all due respect please kindly leave me be for a little bit. I dont mean to be a ■■■■■ but you are a part of the reason why my other topic closed and you called me obsessed. Frankly at this moment I would not like to hear from you. In the future when Im more calm, sure cause at that point I’ll be over it



Ten hours i s a long work day. Your friend who needs help moving, any chance you could volunteer to strictly be the person who maybe makes the new bed, prepares the bathroom/kitchen, and stuff like that? That might be more low effort than lifting heavy boxes.

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That sucks you have to help someone move. I hate moving. I’ve moved many times during my life and I hope I never have to move again.

I wouldn’t let one opinion ruin my entire life.

People have opinons. Personally, I wouldn’t watch my eyes or take a bunch of pictures of them. It is a bit obsessive.

But then again, I don’t have eyes that change color. I guess if I did I might be more interested.

Also, don’t reopen closed topics. That goes for those that caused the closure or OP.