Bled out from my leg--surgery and rehab


from your friend Sparrow–Surgery…they cleaned out my wound–excavated it…now just gotta heal…properly.So i/m in rehab…the food is good–nice to be around people here–was here three years ago–recognized a few faces…isolate no more…at least for a month…all the excersize is good for me–been prescribed oxycodone and muscle relaxers --fiddle dee,fiddle dough…two hours a day–the rehab instructors work my tired bones…the rest of the day is free-time–usually.i hope this weeping gash seals shut.not hearing voices at the moment–knock on wood…

see ya’ later!

chemical imbecile


Rehab doesn’t sound like such a bad place.

It’s good you aren’t isolating.


Hey sparrow glad you made it over to “the other side” ! Been wondering how you been doing, hope your leg wound speed heals and happy for you not to be isolated. May you find good things this year come your way.


i like sparrow :smiley:

i am glad he has contacted us and i am glad things are looking up for him,

just hope that wound heals man, take care x


i hope you are feeling better soon.
take care