Blast from the past

This video is actually filmed in an office I used to work in:

That’s the sales side of the office. This was filmed on a Saturday afternoon and I was at the other end of the office, out of sight, and doing my best not to bust a gut and ruin their filming. The Dilbert hanging in the background belonged to a co-worker. The plush toy on the phone was mine and loaned out for shooting as it was a ‘cool geek thing’ at the time. Bonus points to anyone who can identify it.

I was originally hired there as a technical author, became a manger of their discussion communities within a couple of weeks, and was the network manager by the time I left for a different position.

Anyhow, a bit of nostalgia from my past working life. I was nearing the end of my first decade with SZ when this was shot.


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Some folks work, and some others don’t!


Everyone works at something. Not everyone gets compensated for it.

I just realized one day that being good at something and wanting to do it for a living are separate affairs. I really don’t like working with computer networks. Boring. And stressful when they figure you’re someone they want to manage other groups of people. I don’t do groups of people.

Writing and photography? Much more interesting. Much less crowded.


I was one of the best workers at my job unloading trucks. I was in my early thirties and I took up the slack from all the slow 19 and 20 year olds. It didn’t make me very popular with the rest of the crew but lots of the salespeople liked me. I went into Sears 6 years after I quit and some of the appliance salespeople still remembered me and greeted me. It was a good feeling.

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