Blaming other people

My partner is most amazing person… might have cracked the reasons why I sometimes get miserable…

If im not happy with someone… it has been easy to find a reason to blame them for it in some way… then as I go deeper in thought, I realise they’re not really to blame… then I turn the blame on myself and the guilt and shame takes over for feeljng how I felt…

He says I’m either blaming someone but most of all myself…

And maybe this is what I need ro work on

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Also he says this gives way to me projecting my thoughts as well… i don’t like me so others feel same

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this is why I get so much paranoia or is it ‘paranoia’

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I always think people hate me. New people I meet, people on the forum. I think the only people I trust are the ones that knew me before the illness. Luckily there is still a lot of those.


i am glad we all get along well on this forum. this place is a friendly place for me to go when i get those feelings of paranoia etc.

hugs to y’all.



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