Blame the gays

So I just received the news that an orthodox rabbi claimed the recent shooting was caused by gays.
I’ve also been told someone claimed gay marriage caused Hurricane Katrina.

Those darn gays.
What’s next, it’ll rain frogs?


People can be so ignorant sometimes


Yeah, i hate it when people use bad events to further a particular cause - usually religion. It is a new type of low that kind of behaviour.

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I am close to Judaism, even hardline Judaism, but I have no problem with gays,
I respect them.
I myself will probably give up on getting married and having children in the framework of such a marriage,
I was never interested in women, even in my childhood…


I think it’s as old as religion.


its not up to me to Judge, that is all i am saying :slight_smile:

I’d like to see ants the size of mountains. And locust with long hair to eat the hair off of people. And maybe have long teeth like lions and stingers like scorpians. Heck throw in some dinosaurs like the movies. But that’s just the cherry on top.

Syke. I have a vivid imagination. I really wish peace. I wish there was something to be done to fix our worlds problems. I would say religion but people don’t want that. I don’t think our world is fixable.

It’s more convenient and comfortable for some people to scapegoat a minority (in this case gay people) than to accept personal responsibility for bad decisions that they’ve made in their lives. They will never admit wrongdoing nor apologize. After all, their lives would be great if it weren’t for the gays.

Much of the scapegoating of gay people has come from religion, but not all. Gay people were one of the first groups of people killed in Nazi concentration camps. In fact, the Nazis scapegoated gay people to such an extent that they forced gay men to wear pink triangles. Here is an image:

Scapegoating is not an equal sum game; it’s not a situation that for me to win you must lose in equal proportations. We all lose.

I’m going to bed.


For those who’ve done a bit of history it’s something that the extreme right did in Europe last century. You blame others as the source of evil so you consolidate your policy against others. It scares me that people are still like this! We should be far more advanced in our society but we stumble at racist, sexist and xenophobic things all the time!



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