Blame it on the moon

I think there is some validity to that. Whenever I got out of control, I think back and say blame it on the moon.


Yea sometimes it better to just blame objects rather than ourselves or others.

The moon has a definite affect on us. It has quite a force.


I learned in my geology course that the moon controls the ocean tides.

Yes, and knowing that, one can’t help but think what it does to little old us.

I love watching the moon, it relaxes me and reduces stress.

Yes, as peaceful as water = a river or a pond.

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I worked with a kid whose mum worked as a police dispatcher. Lots of shift work but talking to her one day and she said that the weirdest weekends were Fridays and Saturday nights when the full moon was around…not so much more calls but the really weird stuff came out on those nights…

I’m not arguing. Gravity is a big physical force and it makes things like tides so it may affect us little apes…


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