Blame it on the brain!

This is my new motto as someone with schizophrenia. We aren’t feeling well because of faulty brain chemistry. It’s as simple as that! Blame it on the brain!


Years before psychosis I had a depressive break. My shrink just said it’s brain chemistry. Nothing more or less. I didn’t believe him!

A long time after and some decent problems I tend to agree with you. It wasn’t my fault nor any others. It was some genetics and dumb luck…( maybe one day we’ll know the trigger. )


:notes: Blame it on the brain… (yeah yeah):musical_note:
:notes: You can blame it on the brain… :musical_note:


Naw. I’m blaming it on my neighbor.

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Haha… milli vanilli…


Yes, and it can become spiritual argument too. For example: it’s my brain, not me. (I am not this physical brain, I am meta-physical witness of all)

This brain survived psychosis, stress, drug addiction, sicko’s trying to drive me crazy, etc. It’s doing it’s job.

Up to a point. Once you have an idea what the problem is you also have an obligation to try and fix it.

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“insane in the membrane”

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