Blades (trigger warning)

Tomorrow will be about a month since I last cut and I want to get rid of my blades but I like they’re comfort and I was just wondering if any other people who cut on here like having blades or find it comforting and how/when/if you got rid of them


That’s just being honest, and I’m glad you’re reaching out. Congrats on a month of no cutting! I hope you’re in therapy to help you in your resolve to not hurt yourself (or atleast not cut anymore). I understand the temptation and I understand the comfort. I found, though, that the more I speak up for myself, talk about how I feel and what’s going on, the less blood-spilling for release and expression is needed. Please get rid of your razors. Just do it. Do it quickly and distract yourself. It’s similar to having ice cream and donuts,etc., in the house when you’re trying to diet. Help yourself in every way you can. Support your health and well being and be an advocate for yourself. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ For me, the focus switched to knives after I got rid of razors. I even got rid of a mat cutter because I had to have razors for it. I still get ideation involving knives, but the resolve is firmly in place to protect myself. I was abused as a kid and married (and the divorced) an abuser. Deciding to stop abusing myself and not let anyone else abuse me was an important turning point.

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My self injury was only briefly cutting. I 100% support you getting rid of the blades, knowing that that is an important step to healing.

That said, I finally noticed that my self-injury relates directly to other people being mean to me or mad at me. Then I hurt myself to complete the process of abuse with actual physical injury. It’s like an irresistible energy; if someone gets angry at me, then I must be physically hurt. So I do it. I have gone a couple months now without hurting myself (mostly I hit until I bruise myself).

From writing this, I am noticing that hurting myself means I am somewhat in control of when and how I get hurt. I believe self-injury comes from being abused by others. There is so much tension in the body that is released by self-harm; I need to find non-harmful ways to get past or through that energy.