Black walnut and wormwood

I believe that schizophrenia can be caused by viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi infections. I have taken black walnut and wormwood for 3 months and most of my symptoms have gone.

Shouldn’t take black walnut hull longer than 6 weeks.

Glad you’ve improved though.

Mozart, I hope you still log on to this site, because your post is a beacon of hope for me. I’ve had this upper respiratory illness since 2013 that wasn’t healing until in 2016 when I went through a ingrown toenail surgery(alot of anti inflamation resources in my body were going there so I suspected that if I got rid of the ingrown toenail, I would start healing). Lo and behold, I was right, and tremendously. I started healing within a few days. When that happened, I had really hostile Schizophrenia develop immediately and it was very terrible. All kinds of crazy things happened including my computer getting hacked and google telling me to go to random places at 11pm(it was a monday, so nothing was open). I’m not sure how to to sum this up, but basically I took long *** drive and evertually got tired and some random guy at a gas station, who was just chilling there asked me if I needed some help. Honestly I was tired, so I decided to go to the hospital. When I told the staff my story, they just assumed I was psychotic(My computer really was acting up, but christ, whatever), and gave me risperdal. I remember feeling the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. As soon as my mouth touched those pills. I suddenly went into a severe bored depression and eventually started refusing the meds. The entire time I was on an risperdal(and this ended up being any antipsychotic), my healing would stop and I would also just feel like crap. I eventually got out of the hospital, and took a day recovering from psych meds. Then I started healing again. As time went by my SZ got alot better and my OCD, which started as soon as my illness started was tremendously better. I went from being extremely consious of the walls in my room so I wouldn’t touch them and be dirty to playing video games and moving around with ease, without the fear of getting anything dirty. It’s hard to explain, but my personal space feels way bigger. This has nothing to do with my OCD, but I feel sick in small rooms, so I’ve been spending time in decent size apartments and hotel rooms. It seems crazy, but there are some really spacy apartments that are cheap. Anyway, the last time I was not on antipsychotics, I tried Wormwood and black walnut and my symptoms were getting better pretty fast. This was happening until one time I left my hotel to get something at the grocery store, nearly everybody was flicking me off. They also knew exactly when I would be somewhere. It was insane. My uber driver was acting suspicious as well and said that I couldn’t go back to where I came from. He wouldn’t stop looking at me during the entire ride and eventually I got phone out(only weapon I had) and threatened him ferociously until he dropped me off at the gas station. Then my uber app and phone service started malfunctioning with the gas station people somehow not knowing the password to their own wifi. Uh, what? I ended up staying there for an hour until someone called the cops. I talked to them for a good 15 minutes and then for some reason EMS was called(the cop supervisor promised me that he would get me a ride home) and I was detained. Talk about the biggest setup ever. Any way, I’m out now and planning on suing of alot of people. Now, I’m wanting to try this wormwood again and I am glad that someone had the same results. It was just insane how fast things went downhill. I wasn’t feeling paranoid in my hotel room, and I never had a hallucination(even then, that is not commitable). Then as soon as I went outside, literally everyone I was looking at me. **** was insane.

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