Black spots


do people here see those black spots on the floor
or the walls, with coloured/colored rings arround them



No. But it could be a problem with your eyes- you should see an eye doctor.



thanks yes i read now an article about them
eye-floaters googled it



Most floaters are harmless, but the black spots with colored rings around them could mean serious eye disease.



I don’t want to be an alarmist, or cause any upset but this one might not be SZ related.

My kid sis had that for a while. She REFUSED to wear her goggles in a highly chlorinated pool for a full spring and summer training because she didn’t want the guy lifeguards to call her a girl. (??) she can get sort of macho in an odd way.

Well, after a chlorine spike she started seeing the black spots with rainbow floaters. She had a chemical burn to the surface tissue of her eyes so after eye drops and eye patches, she wears glasses now.

You might want to get this just simply checked out.



Do you see the spots when you’ve gone too long without food? I used to do that. My brother lies down on the floor, wherever he is. Sitting works, but not as well. I haven’t had that happen since I am medicated for diabetes.



thanks im getting a bit scared now so i am looking for an eye doctor that can give
some information and clarification.

no i had a normal lunch and when i was in the box for the bikes. wich is not lit properly.
i saw dark spots with coloured rings around them, i dont think it was the first time i saw them.
but i dont see them on regular bases as well

but thank you all for your comments and advice