Black butterflys are courting

It looks like a dance. I no have pictures I’m sorry its pretty though


What kind of butterflies are they?

i didnt know that happened, i thought they just changed from a caterpillar in a chrysalis and that was that lol, never seen a black butterfly before though.

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Wait wheres the laying of the eggs part…their black I think the males have a little blue…in them…

Their palm size

My neighbor has a weird stringy pink flowering tree its covered in black butterfly’s…

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I think they are turquoise butterfly’s due to the blue on half of them…

I taught I taw a puddy tat… :smile: :smile:


Lol you like that no cat check in that you checked into anyway…so did @Rhubot now that I think about it lol…


True. It was too irresistible.

I saw black butterflies on purple flowers the other day

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That sounds beautiful! I love butterflies.

Every year the monarch butterflies come from the north through CA and into Mexico. There are various locations they take a break during the winter months. They are the only butterfly that does a migration, similar to birds.

There is a monarch butterfly grove in Pacific Grove in Monterey County where you can see the monarch butterflies in October.

The butterflies ultimately migrate down to Mexico.


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