Bizzare dreams

Since I’ve started having common symptoms of schiz I’ve been having vivid bizzare dreams.
Like today I had a dream where I was having an episode but it was like an acid trip aswell.
I was in my room at my dad’s house and I sat on my dog and opened it’s mouth and its teeth and stuff morphed into this lion like scary face thing.
Another time I went to tell my mother I thought something was wrong and I said thay, and when I went to explain she said something about she thought I was going to say something and then I teleported backwards and had this scream but it was in my dream mind. Then I woke up in paranoia and such.
Whenever I wake up from these dreams/ nightmares I also seem to be in the midst of a flare up/episode because I have extreme parranoia that someone is watching me and I hide under the covers and have some voices and stuff.

are you on meds? have you been diagnosed schizophrenic?

Not diagnosed, not on meds, most likely not schizophrenia but defiantly related. My first post explains if you can get there

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