Bitter Christmas

As Christmas approaches, so does the drama… My father is psychotic, quite literally as well as a severe alcoholic. He keeps calling and texting and being stupid which just sets my nerves on end, and then there is my mother…

She is no longer married to my father and yet, she calls him frequently and they gossip about my husband…

I am so stressed.

The bitter part is my grandmother… She doesn’t have a sentimental bone in her body, but, when she asked me this year what I want for Christmas, I told her, something from the heart… She sends me a visa gift card… sigh

I just want everyone to leave me alone.

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“5 more days and all this crap will be over with” is what I keep telling myself. I’ll be glad to see Christmas go this year. So many people on here and in the rest of the world are so stressed out. I hate this time of year, I really do.


Tis the Season to feel Anxious


Shut off phone? Spend time with your husband and kids alone?..

Shutting my phone off is only an option when my husband is home. He does the calling and texting when Aaron is working.

I’m having an unhappier Christmas than I usually do. I strongly suspect this guy of spreading nasty rumors about me. I think I got some kind of lung virus, and I suspect this guy of deliberately giving it to me. (I sat next to him while he was smoking, and I inhaled a lot of his cigarette smoke.) I’m going to try to have a happy Christmas, though.

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i just want everyone to be happy the xmas,

i don’t care about presents

happiness is my gift :slight_smile:

hope you can be happy :thumbsup:

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I have the same problem with my ex-best friend. He changed for the worst and just seeing how he treated his GF while yelling at her on the phone made me want to steer clear for him. I haven’t seen him in 7 months, but occasionally he’ll call or text. I just ignore everything nowadays as I don’t want to spiral down a hole of endless arguments with him. Just ignore, they’ll eventually get tired. I wanted to change my phone number but my dad won’t allow it, and since he pays for my bills I am forced to oblige.

I read somewhere that schizophrenics always have to take numerous precautions to protect themselves from certain types of people. Yesterday I went to the restaurant with my dad and then we went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies with my mom tagging along, everything went great but as we made our way back at 10 PM, this ex-friend texted me and that ruined my evening. He acts like there’s no beef between us, I just want him to leave me alone and forget about me, I don’t need jealous, angry, insanely obsessed people in my life.

As for your grandmother, I think cash is a nice gift, that way you can get what you want, my grandma always sends me money on Christmas and my birthday since she’s so far away it’s the only way she can really offer me something, with the Atlantic Ocean between us.

Try not to stress too much, Christmas is meant to be spent with family, people will leave you alone for quite some time before they try again if you just ignore them. It just gets pointless to try to contact somebody with no response…

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I think it can be a nice time of year or it can be horrible depends how well you are and other circumstances


Bah-hum-bugg everyone

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