Biting your nails- a poll

Do you bite your nails?
I bite my ring finger nails🙃 the rest are normal length… don’t know why I can’t stop fully.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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I used to but I always ended up getting really painful bits where the skin starts. Sometimes I would even accidentally strip the skin back at the sides creating ever more painful fingers, thus I invested in nail clippers that slip on my key ring so they are always handy and stopped biting my nails.

It worked a treat and now no more painful toes and fingers!

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No, but my nails seem to grow extremely fast and I end up trimming them with a fingernail clipper quite often.


I don’t, but I pick my skin.

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I used to when I was younger. So I notice now when I get nervous sometimes I go to put my fingers in my mouth to do it. I sometimes bite my pinky fingers because they grow freakishly fast compared to my other fingernails and I want to trim them.

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