Bit fed up

so today i realised i am actually quite a traumatised person where i live there is a place where builders hang out and i physically clam up and shake if i am around men i dont know the meds are making me fat and i feel so ugly and ashamed of myself
i take the meds and they make me eat a lot i walk A LOT but the meds are making me fat.
i dont want to be fat;(

i know how u feel. i feel ugly and ashamed of my weight too. even though i’ve lost two and a half stone i still feel fat. yes the meds make u eat but it’s up to u “what” u eat. if u eat raw carrots and fruit u won’t get fat and will actually lose weight. it’s difficult though as the meds make u crave sweet things i know and fatty foods too. but if ur disciplined with exactly what u eat then weight shouldn’t b a problem. that’s the hard part!

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I gained weight on Risperdal and got it changed to ziprexa and the problem disappeared although I know some gain it on that. I drink water often and am never far from a sippy bottle of it.

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i lost weight ongreen smoothie diet which i could maintain ick! chordy ill try to drink more and jaynebeal your right i could eat heathier i blame my sis she took me to mc donaldsLol

can’t beat a macdonalds once in a while dandy…if i go there i pig out completely! lol. i try my best to avoid the place entirely!

I have news for you. Fat =/= ugly. just because the meds made you put on a few pounds doesnt mean you’re fat anyways. i know its hard but you have to stop caring about things like that.