Bit by a tick

about 2 weeks ago the weather warmed up to the 80s. I went for a walk and picked up a pair of ticks. they were embedded on either side of my spine right above the hip less than an inch away from my spine on either side.

well now I’m allergic to red meats…and chicken. to such an extreme I puke it up if i consume it. the smell of raw or cooked pork smells like death. chicken and beef smell gross like I can’t go into a restaurant that serves it. it all turns my stomach…

anyway I guess I’m trying to say protect yourself from parasitic blood suckers if you live in the se united states. it’s a very specific tick that passes on Rocky mountain fever I think it’s called. check yourself and your loved ones after you go out in nature. i kind of like my new diet tho. various oat meals and omelet toasted sandwiches are pretty wonderful.


I had this problem a while back. It took me a long time to realize it was meat related. I thought I was just spontaneously getting sick. It went away eventually, for me. But it took like four years. I don’t know if it was tick-related for me or not.

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My dog had a tick once. They r scary little things. I hate them.

I think it’s the lone star tick that makes you allergic to red meats and chicken. Horrible little buggers. Sorry you have to deal with it.

There is also a tick that passes lyme disease. They’re bad news.

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