Biscuits and gravy

Hey surprised 2c you upwhere are you ready to start your day you do realize this is the weekendwith lots of fun things to do

'Twill be hot today so may go for a swim a little later…
no biscuits and gravy though…fish and stir fry veggie in ginger sauce leftovers for breakfast…

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No plans at all today. My sis has to work a huge home swim meet for a few hours so the water exercise class is cancelled. After she’s done, it’s play time. No plans, no obligations, nothing to rush for.

I’m sort of looking forward to a weekend with nothing to do.

eww biscuits and gravy!!???

LOL…rather bland and full of fat and bleached flour…yuk !

I had something like this this morning…the breading was organic flax seed powder, wheat germ, coconut vinegar, and ginger and garlic oil

biscuits are for dunking in tea and gravy is for roast dinners??? hehe